Journel – Week 4

This week exhilarating!!!! First there was the car crash then Macon wanted to get back together with Halley and best of all Scarlet had her baby and named her Grace Halley. It all went so fast I felt all these different emotions like sadness, excitement, happiness. I didn’t want this book to end!!! I want it to keep on going and have another book about Grace Halley. It would be wonderful to know that Grace is going into a happy family. The thing I really want to know is if Cameron is Scarlet’s boyfriend and if Macon and Halley will be getting back together (which I think is quite unlikely). This book was so good I think I’m going to read it again!!!

Journel – Week 3

During this week we read from pages 150-228. I can’t wait to read next weeks pages because I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I think that Halley’s grandma has died but, I also think  that Cameron and Scarlet are going to start dating and I think that they will make a cute couple. Macon. How do I explain him. I do like him but I think he’s hiding something from Halley but I can’t quite put my finger on it but, it was kind and very cute how Macon gave Halley the ring. With Halley’s grandma, Halley was staying at her grandma’s house and found boxes upon boxes full of memories and it was cute how Halley went through it all with her mum. Can’t wait to read this weeks pages because were reading to the end!!! 

Journal – Week 2

This week we read from pages 71 to 150. This weeks pages had a lot of action in it because my feelings towards many of the characters have changed. One of them would be about Scarlett because Scarlet was rude to Halley when she had a boyfriend but now it’s upsetting about how Scarlett is now pregnant with her old boyfriend who died. I still dislike Ginny because she likes it to be all about her, but now that Halley has a boyfriend she’s beginning to forget about how Scarlett is pregnant. So far this book has been boring but now that it’s got more action I’m enjoying it way more!!! I hope that this weeks pages are as exciting or even more exciting then this weeks.

Journel – Week 1

During the pages we read this week I felt upset and angry by the way that the other girls who went out with Michael before hand were balling their eyes out even though Scarlet was so upset on the inside and was staying strong. It was also quite annoying how they kept swapping from the past to the present and it was quite hard to get an understanding of the concept. Last  weeks chapters were a bit boring so I hope that this weeks will be a bit more exciting.